The Chefs and Instructors
During our cooking vacations we will be coached with the following outstanding chefs and instructors. In every program the list of participating chefs is slightly different. This is a partial list:

Ayelet Nahum
Ayelet Nahum was born in Tel Aviv, and started taking interest in food and its origin as a little girl, while watching her father cook in a butchery-turned-soup kitchen at the Carmel market. As food and travel have always been her two biggest passions, Ayelet figured that guiding gastronomic tours would be a perfect way to combine them. She volunteered and worked with the Israeli nature protection society since her teenage years, and continued that in her army service, later taking a study program in Eretz Israel studies and tour guiding. Ayelet has been guiding tourists in Israel and abroad ever since, focusing on her immense curiosity and love for food, and believing that food is a way to bring people together and to get to know one another’s culture, especially in the complex Israeli reality.
Nowadays Ayelet works with the Israeli ministry of tourism, and guides the yummiest of gastronomy tours in her city of Tel Aviv-Yafo and all over Israel, taking her clients anywhere and everywhere from the unbeknownst spots at the market to high class restaurants and meetings with local chefs.

Nora Hosaysy
Nora Hosaysy is a Druze cuisine chef who had worked for 5 years in the Carmel Forest Spa Resort kitchen, cooking next to distinguished chefs, such as, Haim Cohen, Israel Aharoni, Amir Halfon, and others. She founded “Nora’s Kitchen” in 2004 after chef Haim Cohen advised her to open home style Druze hosting in her home at Daliyat El-Carmel..
Nora’s kitchen is kosher and offers authentic Druze and Mediterranean dishes. She teaches cooking classes and hosts special events for groups from Israel and abroad.


Alaa Musa

Alaa Musa
Alaa Musa was born in Akko (Acre). He is a young chef, the owner of El-Marsa Restaurant in the Old Acre port. He specializes in fish and seafood. As a teenager, Alaa worked in the famous fish restaurant Uri Buri parallel to his studies at Dan Gourmet in Haifa. Alaa worked as sous-chef at Carmela Restaurant when he was only 21 years old. He accumulated more experience when he traveled around the world and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, such as, Operakallare, F12, and Le Rouge. In 2009 he founded El-Marsa Restaurant together with his partner Marwan Sawaed, where he combines authentic Arab dishes with such that follow his own interpretation. Alaa’s fish cooking workshop includes a culinary tour of the Old Acre market, a presentation of fish cooking techniques, and hands-on classes.

Atalya Ein Mor
Atalya Ein Mor was born and raised in the picturesque village of Ein Kerem.  Following her work in renowned restaurants and after years of preparing food originating from the simple need to be creative, , she decided to combine exquisite food, breathtaking views and a unique atmosphere in her beautiful home in Ein Kerem, opposite the Judean Hills. Atalya offers cooking workshops under personal guidance. Every guest has a chance to knead, glaze,   and create his/her own tasty and fragrant “work of art”.  



Dalia Harfoof
Dalia Harfoof is a manager at Tupperware who loves to see her guests enjoy her delectable goodies around the table. Dalia specializes in Kurdish cuisine and story-telling. She offers convivial and delicious Kube (a Middle Eastern dish) preparation workshops in her beautiful house in Ein Karem.

Galia Agayev
Galia Agayev completed her academic degree in Psychology and Education when she realized that her real passion was culinary arts, in general, and baking, in particular. She learned Confectionery arts at Hadassah College, in Jerusalem, and worked in high-rated hotels and confectioneries. After several years she founded her own business where she sells her pastries, all made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. In addition, she has a column in a food magazine, and teaches bakery classes in her confectionery.


Leah ShomronThe Organic Chef logo

Leah Shomron Finder
Leah Shomron Finder, a culinary consultant specializing in nutritious food and healthy cooking. Leah trained as a Chef and is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in New York.
Leah is the author of the best-selling cook book "Simply Healthy", she runs healthy cooking workshops, lectures on the subject of nutrition from a practical perspective and writes for several portals. She also appeared in 3 seasons of a popular cooking show, which aired on prime time TV. Middle Eat’s groups will be meeting Leah at the Organic Chef Farm in Hogla.