Who we are
There are tLimorwo things I love most: cooking and traveling. I love to be in new places, to meet new people and to learn about other cultures. I also love to be in the kitchen, to cook a familiar dish or try a new recipe; to be creative with vegetables and herbs, to enjoy the smells and flavors, and receive compliments from my guests, the diners.  This is the reason I decided to found Middle Eat, which offers cooking vacations for people who love to encounter new places from a different perspective – their food.

My name is Limor Cohen. My family came to Israel from East and West. My paternal grandparents arrived from Syria. They brought with them Mediterranean herbs and dishes, such as, pita bread with za’atar, tahinHikingi, stuffed grape leaves and okra. My maternal grandparents originated from Europe, from Poland and Hungary. They brought with them traditional Jewish Ashkenazi food, such as, gefilte fish, goulash, kugel, and borscht.  As a kid I enjoyed the differences between the two kitchens, especially during the holidays. We learned to love the Syrian haroset (from raisins) on top of a lettuce leaf (the “marror” – bitter herbs), as well as the Hungarian haroset (apples and cinnamon) with horseradish (the “marror”).  Our kitchen at home was a mixture of all flavors, with an Israeli touch.

In the last few decades, Israel has become a culinary hub.  In 2014 Saveur magazine, the reputable American food and recipe publication, named Tel-Aviv an outstanding culinary destination, in several categories, in its annual Culinary Travel Awards. Many restaurants and chefs in Israel have already received numerous prizes from food magazines around the world in recent years.Limor Cooking 2015-05-21 004

The most dominant feature of the Israeli kitchen is its creativity. Israeli chefs learned to fuse the authentic food that Jewish immigrants from all over the world brought with them to Israel, with local Jewish and Arab cuisine, and transform it into something original and distinct.

I invite you to join us on a remarkable and unique experience. With Middle Eat you will cook with outstanding chefs, visit the finest culinary sites, and learn about Israel through your taste buds. We offer packages of cooking holidays - with small groups of 8-15 participants, daily cooking classes and culinary tours, and also customized cooking and culinary vacations by request. We can also help you with your flights and travel insurance, if needed.  Please contact us for more details: service@middleeat.com