Custom Cooking Vacations

A cooking vacation can be a great way to celebrate holidays in Israel, a special occasion, a lifecycle event, or a family gathering. You can choose the dates, number of days, tour characteristics, type of cooking classes, kashrut requirements (if any), and more. We can iOlives shopntroduce the available options, help you with your decisions, and build the best culinary tour that fits your needs.

Custom cooking tours are available for 4-20 participants. Here are some examples for events that can be celebrated with us in an unforgettable cooking vacation:

  1. Bar/Bat Mitzva
  2. Birthday celebration
  3. Corporate / professional event
  4. Retirement
  5. Honeymoon
  6. Religious Holiday

We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements and options. We will do our best to personalize and make your vacation an outstanding one!