Middle Eat offers daily cooking classes in a variety of locations and sites. The cooking class usually follows a culinary or historic tour in the area. You can choose between cooking Druze delicacies in Daliyat El-Carmel, seafood in Acre, healthy vegetarian dishes in Hogla, bread and Challah in Jerusalem and more.

Our upcoming cooking tours:

Druze Cuisine Cooking Class in Daliyat El-Carmel (near Haifa)

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In this unique class you will cook with Chef Nora in her kitchen. The courses are traditional Mediterranean Druze cuisine including stuffed grape leaves, meat in tahini sauce, rice with chicken and pine nuts, Druze sweets and more. The price includes transportation (from Haifa railway station, the German Colony in Haifa, and Carmel Center), refreshments, a cooking workshop, lunch, and a free time at the Daliyat El-Carmel market.


$185 per person

Every Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Registration is available until Thursday prior to the date of the cooking class

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Seafood Cooking Tour in Acre

AcreChef Alaa Musa will introduce you to the secrets of the modern Arabic cooking . You will cook select dishes of fish and seafood as well as authentic Arabic dishes from his mother's kitchen. The day will begin with a culinary tour at the Acre colorful market, followed by sailing around the city's walls, a cooking workshop, and lunch.

$250 per person

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Culinary Tour and Israeli Cooking Workshop in Haifa

The day will begin with a leisurely culinary tour guided by Rani Amir in Wadi Nisnas in Haifa . You wiWadi Nisnasll meet the local people, hear stories, and taste their delicious food. From their we will continue to an Israeli cooking workshop with Noam Koren who will introduce you to both authentic and modern Israeli cuisine. The workshop will be concluded by a rich buffet, accompanied by red wine, juice and hot drinks.

$200 per person

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